GymBot is a Facebook Messenger bot that tracks your training efforts.

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  1. Facebook

    Step 1

    Just click on 'Go to messenger' and click the get started button. The bot will explain it's usage.

  2. Messenger

    Step 2

    Track your stats with simple commands like 'Butterfly 30/15/3'. It will store your progress in it's database.

  3. Stats

    Step 3

    You can always access your statistics. Just type 'stats' and it will lead you to your personal statistics page.


Simply send a message with the follwing format:



"Butterfly 30/15/3"

Here is a complete list of all bot commands:

  • help — shows a little help
  • stats — shows a link with your stats
  • exercises — lists all exercises
  • EXERCISE #WEIGHT / #REPETITIONS / #NUMBER_OF_SETS — Tracks a strength training
  • EXERCISE #DURATION / #DISTANCE / #CALORIES — Tracks a cardio training

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What Our Users say

  • I've tried a bunch of tracking apps and Gymbot is by far the best.

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    Sebastian Deutsch

  • Tracking is the killer app for bots.

    Testimonial 1

    Eray Basar

  • Gymbot is great!

    Testimonial 2

    Matthias Schäfer


GymBot is made by the fine guys at 9elements

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